You have full, total control over the environment your plants or produce grow in. You can handle everything — from the lighting and environment to the fertilisers.

Yes, you can! Be mindful when setting up the system, ensure it is set up in an area that fulfills the crop’s light and environmental requirements.

It can be! There are many organic products available that can be used with amazing results in any hydroponic system. However, organics do not last very long in reservoirs. Organic nutrients will start to break down, this can cause problems. Therefore it is recommended to change the nutrient solution in the reservoir every 3 to 5 days.

We suggest starting with a Coco or Coco-Perlite blend for first-time growers. It is the most forgiving growing media and the easiest to use.

Water temperature should be between 18°- 22°.

Environmental temperatures vary from crop to crop. A rough guide is 26 to 28 degrees C during lights on and 18 to 20 degrees C lights off.

Yes, but you should be mindful to grow plants that have similar food and environmental requirements together.

A good set of pH and EC meters are recommended. The difference between a amature and proffesional is the tools they use and how they use them. These meters allow you to maintain the exact Ph and Ec taking you and your plants to the next level.

Each stage of growth has different light requirements and each light recommends a different height above the canopy.

It will depend on the size of the area you’re growing in. A 600-watt HPS lamp will cover a 1.2m square area, to give you an idea.