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MH Lights

Ready to give your indoor garden a serious boost? Check out our range of MH (Metal Halide) Lights. Bring the sunshine inside for your plants and give them the best chance for growth. 

These lights are all about deep, even coverage. They shine bright, reaching down to the lower leaves so every part of your plant gets the light it needs. This promotes even, healthy growth for your plants. 

Our MH Lights are built to last, and they're tough enough to handle the humid world of hydroponics. So, whether you're just starting out or you've got a seasoned green thumb, these lights are a solid choice for your at-home setup. 

Watch your plants get bigger and healthier, day by day with MH Lights. 



Top notch knowledge, service and prices. Glad to have Logan Hydroponics as my local guru.



Very knowledgeable about the products. They can even talk about the science behind their systems. Thank you.

Sylvia P

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With more than 50 years combined experience our team provides valuable advice on your hydroponic setup. Our qualified horticulturalists will help you build an innovative setup within your budget.